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What is wrong with existing solutions?
Over 600 services provide organization training worldwide, but these services are not user-centered
Course launching is complicated and requires experts. Employees cannot share information with colleagues efficiently
No unified product combines the necessary elements: content, chat, homework, webinars, and face-to-face events
Listener motivational tools are lacking
Launch training in minutes
We.Study makes educational, general training, sales' department training, and knowledge distribution among employees easier and more effective.
Intuitive browser-based course editor supports all file types and converts webinar records.
YouTube, Vimeo, and RealtimeBoard boards allow you to create your own training program and initiate the education process without cumbersome employee manuals
Listeners, as a group or individuals, can analyze educational-training performance on content webinars, knowledge assessments, homework, and detailed statistics.
The most effective tasks result from automatic test-complexity assessments and quality-control adjustments

Blended Learning
Detailed progress data on courses, lessons, groups and individual students.

Automatic assessment of the difficulty of the tests and the quality of the introduced changes for effective learning
Detailed Training Progress Data
Study anywhere! Lessons, presentations, videos, and test implementation are available on any mobile device.
We.Study's mobile webinar-participation application has the highest rating among similar apps

Bring Your Own Device
You can designate automatic or manual issuance of certificates to all participants upon successful completion of the course
All the courses are in one place! After the registration, a participant has access to a Personal Area in which individuals can find all of their courses (completed and in-progress) and assessment results
Personal Area For Participant
Create your study programs right now!
We.Study provides the best tools for fast and efficient training for every employee
  • Built-in course editor
    Intuitive browser-based course-editor creates study programs in minutes and utilizes all file types, presentations, audio, video, iFrame, YouTube, Vimeo, webinar-converted records, and attachable downloads
  • Blended Learning
    Content, event recordings, webinars, and assessments in a unified course structure
  • Unified ecosystem
    Unified file manager and contacts for complete webinar and course synchronization
  • Tools for knowledge evaluation
    Automatic assessments results. Manual administrative essay task evaluation. Complex-test analysis and amendment evaluations
  • Synchronized statistics on training
    Detailed information on course, task, assessment, webinar, and activity progress
  • Certificates
    Customized certificates can be manually or automatically issued upon successful training completion
  • Learn from any device
    Lessons, presentations, webinars videos, and test implementation are available on any mobile device
  • Participant's personal area
    After the registration, a participant has access to the Personal Area in which individuals can find all their courses (completed and in-progress) and assessment results
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